Remy Ma Talks From Rikers Island Jail

Incarcerated rapper Remy Ma granted DJ Kay Slay an exclusive interview from New York jail Rikers Island for his satellite radio show on Eminem’s Shade 45. “Its nothing. I’m in here chillin’ – eating mad mackerel,” the rapper joked, quickly changing tone to a more serious nature. “I’m in the cell 23 hours a day – max security. It’s real crazy over here. You got certain officers that are extra nice and you got the ones that are extra not nice. I be telling them it’s not my fault that my commissary is more than their salary.”The rapper appeared to be in good spirits and energetic in her conversation with Kay Slay and his Streetsweeper Radio team and again proclaimed her innocence after being convicted in March of four counts of assault and weapon possession for shooting a former friend. “Just because 12 people say something, who weren’t there, does not mean nothing. I’m not even mad at people. I’m mad at money or what lack of does to people. Its really sad,” she stated over the phone. “Ain’t nothing changed, because I’m on the Island…[I'm] still the Queen of NY.” A New York judge pushed back Remy Ma's sentencing in late April so that her lawyer Ivan Fisher could craft an argument against the maximum penalty of 25 years in prison. The rapper felt her trial and subsequent conviction were unjust and unfair.“Don’t be mistaken about a jury that was not my peers. There was no tan [or] dark brown, Black – nothing - on that jury. It’s a whole conspiracy against rappers right now so I already knew what it was,” she said. On the musical front, Remy also stated that she has a new mixtape coming called “6 Minutes Remy Ma You’re On.”The rapper insisted she would return for another interview, because she has “wild phone time.” It appeared that her fiancé rapper Papoose was on the call as well.The rapper’s next court appearance is May 13 in New York. According to Sirius Kay Slay's Streetsweeper Radio transmits Wednesdays at 8 pm with a rebroadcast Sundays 8 pm.