Report: Suge Knight Affiliates Rob Akon Affiliate At Gunpoint

AllHipHop Staff

A man that works for Akon’s producer said that he was the victim of a home invasion by men representing for Suge Knight.

Christopher Walker, an employee of Akon producer Detail, told news/gossip site that five men broke into his Van Nuys, CA home at about 3 am and stole about $170,000 in jewelry.

Walker said that the men were there to collect a debt that Detail owes Suge Knight.

Walker also stated that Detail was in the house at the time of the invasion, but the men let him sleep. Instead, they opted to take the jewelry.

Walker reportedly stated that the men threatened to kill everybody in the house if they weren’t given the key to a save that contained the jewelry. They weren’t given the key, so they took the entire safe.

The men also took stereo equipment, a key to a Mercedes Benz and goods that equated to about $300,000, a police source said.

Walker said this home invasion was the direct result of an altercation where a pair of men that work for Akon beat Suge Knight during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Arizona. The altercation was also allegedly over the debt as well.

Walker said the men put a gun to his head.

There were four people in the house at the time of the alleged home invasion.

Suge Knight has yet to comment or issue a statement on the allegations.