Reports: Star & Bucwild To Return To WNYZ 87.7

Hip-Hop shock jocks Star and Buc Wild of the "Star and Buc Wild Morning Show" are returning to New York City airwaves, after being yanked off the air for making lewd comments about his rival, DJ Envy, in 2006.

The pair will hold a press conference tomorrow (November 28) at the posh Bryant Park Hotel in the Screening Room, where they will announce details of their return to morning radio.

While it is not confirmed, sources told that Star and Buc Wild will be broadcast on Island Broadcasting Company’s WNYZ 87.5, which has been airing Russian content since July of 2005.

WNYZ is a also low powered television station Channel 6, which is currently broadcasting audio over the 87.7 FM frequency.

The station is expected to switch from Russian programming to Top 40.

A representative for WNYZ 87.5 could not confirm whether or not the pair would be airing from WNYZ 87.5, but admitted to that she wouldn’t have knowledge of such matters.

Star & Bucwild started their radio career in 2000 along with Miss Jones on the Star & Bucwild Morning Show on Hot 97.

The controversial morning show drew high ratings, frequently beating shock jock Howard Stern in key demographic markets.

The duo left Hot 97 in May of 2003 to "pursue other interests."

The Star & Bucwild show was picked up New York’s Power 105.1 and syndicated by Clear Channel in 2004.

In May of 2006, Star was fired for making lewd and racist comments about DJ Envy’s wife and 4-year-old, daughter, who he said he wanted to urinate on.

In the aftermath of the controversial statements, Star was fired and even charged with child endangerment after making the comments over public airwaves.

The charges were eventually dropped, but Star filed a $10 million dollar lawsuit against the city, which was also eventually thrown out of court.