Reps For Jay-Z Continue To Deny Beyonce Marriage Reports

Representatives for Jay-Z have once again shot down reports that the superstar rapper/mogul has married his world famous girlfriend, singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.

"The reports are not true," a member of the rapper’s inner-circle told today (January 20).

While the representative denied the claims, reports continue to come from other sources, who report that the pair were married during a secret ceremony at Giorgio Armani’s house in Paris, France.

The rumors state that the pair opted for matching tattoos on their ring fingers as opposed to traditional wedding bans.

The rumors were recently given credibility, when the superstar couple was spotted in public sporting matching "IV" [forever] tattoos on their ring fingers.

Sources also claim that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s child. This is the third time the rumor has surfaced since October 2005.

In a recent report in The Mirror, a source close to Beyonce claims that she is indeed pregnant with Jay-Z‘s child.

"Beyonce is giving nothing away," the source claimed. "She's always been close to her parents and open about wanting a large family of her own one day."