Republican National Committee Letter To Rock The Vote

October 13, 2004

Ms. Jehmu Greene,


Rock the Vote

1313 L Street, NW

First Floor

Washington, DC 20005

Dear President


It has been brought to the attention of the Republican National Committee- and

was confirmed in the Los Angeles Times yesterday- that your organization is

sponsoring and promoting a false and misleading Internet campaign designed to

scare America’s youth into believing that they may be drafted to serve

in the military.

In the Times article your Political Director said, “I don’t see

why candidates get to talk about war all day long and we can’t talk about

the draft.” Yet, as you must be aware this urban myth regarding a draft

has been thoroughly debunked by no less then the President of the United States,

who explicitly stated, “We don’t need the draft. Look, the all-volunteer

Army is working…,” as well as the Vice President, who explained,

“And the notion that somebody’s peddling out there that there is

a secret plan to reinstate the draft, hogwash, not true.”

Additionally, the

Secretary of Defense, “heatedly denied yesterday that the military plans

to bring back the draft and boost reserves and National Guard callups after

the November election. ‘That is absolute nonsense,’ [Donald] Rumsfeld

told the Senate Armed Services Committee. ‘It’s absolutely false

that anyone in this administration is considering reinstating the draft.’”

In light of the above statements, the only conclusion to be drawn is that your

Rock the Vote “Draft your Friends” campaign is being conducting

with malicious intent and reckless disregard for the truth. As a “non-partisan”

organization that enjoys the benefits of being formed under 501 (c) (3) of the

Internal Revenue Code, you have an obligation to immediately cease and desist

from promoting or conduction your “Draft” campaign.

The Republican National Committee shares the goal of your organization to encourage

voter registration and “empower young people to change their world.”

In fact, our aggressive outreach efforts have produced more then 65,600 student

Team Leaders and more then 26,000 young professional Team Leaders engaging their

peers at the grassroots level to register voters and spread the party message.

We’ve visited college campuses, NASCAR races, World Wrestling Entertainment

matches and scores of other events that are packed with younger voters- including

appearing on MTV’s Total Request Live.

We’ve found that younger voters care about the same issues that older

Americans care about; winning the War on Terror, creating jobs, improving our

public schools, making health care more affordable, etc.

It is unfortunate that you feel the need to engage in a misinformed campaign

regarding an alleged draft to energize young voters. This is the sort of malicious

political deception that is likely to increase voter cynicism and in fact decrease

the youth vote, as well as raising serious legal issues regarding the political

motivations of your efforts.

Thank you for

your immediate attention to this matter.


Ed Gillespie


cc: Randel A. Falco,

President, NBC Universal Television Networks Group

Vincent K. McMahon, Chairman, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

Judy McGrath, Chairman and CEO, MTV Networks

Jonathan F. Miller, Chairman and CEO, AOL

Richard D. Parsons, Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Inc.