Residents Of Florida City Are Terrified Of YFN Lucci’s Upcoming Show

Residents of a town in Florida are worried about escalating violence in their city as YFN Lucci prepares to make an appearance.

(AllHipHop News) Certain parts of Florida are bracing for Hurricane Irma this weekend, but another city in the state is worried about something else - a hip-hop catastrophe.

Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci was supposed to headline a show at local performance hall this Sunday (September 10), but the show has been pushed back until September 17 due to Hurricane Irma.

Residents have been up in arms over the show for weeks, after a deadly incident took place at the venue in July, when two men were shot outside of a local venue, adding to a spike in violence in the area.

“The city will be vigilant and provide a good and safe experience,” Mayor Girone said.

Extreme security measures have been put in place for YFN Lucci’s show, including 10 extra security guards who have been hired to patrol the grounds, to ensure repeat of July's violence does not happen.

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Mt. Dora ... this doesn't surprise anyone. the real headline should be on the promoter that actually pulled this off ... lol ... or how many arms got twisted to book that show ...