Retaliation Record Recorded At Q-Tip


who once seemed like one of the more peaceful and positive rappers,

was recently fined for punching a man in the face during a fight

in March outside of a Virgin Megastore in Manhattan.

The man

who he punched, Kenrick Miranda, is a member of a rap duo, Slandid,

and they have recorded a retaliation warning song for Tip, threatening

his life. Miranda warns in his verse on "Matter Of Time":

" that it's a "matter

of time before [Q-Tip] gets popped/matter of time before his breathin'

stop/matter of time before he chillin' in hell. I'm gonna win

by blow out, blow your brains out/ how quick you'll fade out."

On the

cover of the CD, Miranda is on the cover holding Q-Tip's head,

which has been cut off. Miranda also has a Civil Suit pending

against the former Tribe Called Quest front man.