Rev. Al Sharpton To Meet With Meek Mill and Rally For Reform

AllHipHop Staff

Reverend Al Sharpton is heading to Philadelphia to get some support to Meek Mill.

(AllHipHop News) Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill will get some high-powered support during a visit to prison tomorrow. (November 27).

Reverend Al Sharpton has announced he will be traveling to Philadelphia tomorrow to meet with Meek's lawyer, Joe Tapocina.

"We need to put a spotlight on the fact that this happens all the time to a lot of people, and we cannot allow this to continue," Reverend Al Sharpton said on his "Politics Nation" show on MSNBC today (November 26).

The pair will strategize the best course of action to spring Meek Mill from a two to four-year prison sentence, for violating his probation for minor infractions, which sparked a nationwide debate about prison reform.

The two men will visit Meek at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, Pennsylvania, where the rapper was recently transferred.

During his "Politics Nation," the Reverend underscored the need to support Meek and reform the overall Criminal Justice System.

"It doesn't matter to me whether the judge or the people in question are black or white. If they're wrong we need to deal with it," Reverend Al Sharpton concluded.

Reverend Al Sharpton is planning on addressing the media directly after meeting with Meek Mill.

The meeting is scheduled to take place at 2:30 p.m.