Rev. Al Sharpton Warns Kid Rock After Rapper Tweets About His Daughter

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Rev. Al Sharpton is ready for a battle with rapper/budding politician, Kid Rock.

(AllHipHop News) The beef between Al Sharpton and Kid Rock escalated over the weekend after the legendary activist’s daughter was arrested in New York City.

Ashley Sharpton was busted by the cops after her a party in Manhattan, after getting into a scuffle with a cab driver after celebrating her 30th birthday.

Ashley was charged with petty larceny for grabbing the cab driver's keys and tossing them.

Kid Rock, who has been feuding with Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network, gleefully commented on the arrest over the weekend.

Rev. Al Sharpton told The New York Post that there was an ongoing conspiracy to specifically target his family members.

The Detroit branch of the National Action Network is targeting Kid Rock, for his blatant use of the Confederate flag, as well as some controversial statements he has made at his shows about Colin Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last week, NAN revealed they would be boycotting a series of concerts featuring Kid Rock, who will help launch the new Little Caesars Arena next week in Detroit, which is mostly black.

As for Rev. Al Sharpton, he wasted no reply replying to Kid Rock’s underhanded comments, along with a warning to the rapper/rock&roller.

“Why is he retweeting this stuff?” Rev. Sharpton pondered before saying Kid Rock has only added “fuel to the fire” in their ongoing war.

In a previous interview, the President of the Detroit branch of The National Action Network called out Little Caesars Arena, which hosts sporting events by the Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons.

“When you hire Kid Rock, who is known to be dog-whistling and cat-calling to white supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community, alt-right, whatever you want to call them, and you take our tax dollars to do that? That’s wrong,” said Rev. Charles Williams II.

Check out Kid Rock's recent campaign speech below.
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You can't diss black people and then diss racists in the same rant. You confuse the racists cheering while you diss the black people! And Black Lives Do Matter!!!