Rev Run Gets Reality Show On MTV

Russell Simmons

and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs have teamed up to executive produce a

reality show titled "Run's House," based on the life of Run-DMC group

member Reverend Joseph “Run” Simmons.


had a green light at ABC Family to do a show about a black family that's functional,"

Reverend Run told "The father is a Reverend and a rapper

and he has five children. Out of no where, Puffy calls me and says he has an

idea. He didn’t know that I had a green light at ABC Family. Puff says

'I want to do a Rev Run reality show on MTV.' I said 'Well I am singing with

tomorrow ABC Family tomorrow. He said 'That's small fries. I am going to take

Rev Run and put him on MTV. I will produce it with Russell, whatever it takes.

You are our Frank Sinatra and you are what we need.’ I said 'OK, make

me look good and show it all in a positive light.’"


House," taken from Run-DMC’s 1988 hit of the same name, will reveal

the family life of Run, who helped spread Hip-Hop around the globe as a member

of legendary group Run-DMC.

Combs compared

Run’s family life to that of the characters on “The Cosby Show,”

the middle of the road hit series developed by veteran comedian, Bill Cosby.

The pilot is part

of a first look production agreement that Sean Combs has entered into with MTV.

"This is where

rappers go when they grow up, we have kids and we have families,” Run

continued. “We’ve been filming it for quite awhile. Puff's very

excited and so is MTV.”

MTV Networks Music

Group Entertainment President Brian Graden told Variety that Combs has a long

history with MTV through videos, award shows, guest appearances and his current

TV programming on the network, that a formal relationship made sense.

“Sean very

much wants to be a producer, and we want to be in business with him as he begins

to establish and express himself in that arena," Graden told Variety.

In addition to

the “Making the Band 3” and “Borrow My Crew” shows that

Combs is producing for MTV, he will also develop a special called “The

Show,” which will take viewers behind the scenes at the launch of the

Sean John women’s clothing line in September.