Rev. Run's Family Welcomes New Baby

When viewers tune into the season finale of Run’s House tonight (Jan 17), they will be joining the Simmons’ in welcoming the latest addition to their family.

Rev. Run and his wife Justine will introduce their new adopted daughter to world on the last episode of Season Four.

"It’s been four months since we’ve had her," Justine Simmons revealed to "Our family is so happy, the kids are so happy, they are ecstatic!"

The Season four closer brings the Simmons family full circle, having suffered the loss of Victoria Anne Simmons, who would have been Justine and Run’s third child together, as they closed season three.

Miley Justine Simmons joins Run’s three children from his previous marriage – Vanessa, Angela, and JoJo – and the couple’s two sons - Daniel and Russell – to make the Simmons a family of eight.

"I just want to say to women who can’t have another baby, or can’t have babies at all, or feel like they’re too old to have a baby, it’s the best thing to do," Justine told "It feel like it’s our baby."

Vanessa Simmons is also celebrating a new beginning of her own.

The model/actress will join the cast of Obie Award-winner J Kyle Manzay’s new play, The Actor’s Rap! in the female lead role.

The play follows the misadventures of an African American actor who becomes desperate after losing roles and his girlfriend, played by Vanessa, to a famous rapper-turned actor.

"I am very, very proud of [Vanessa and Angela]," said Justine of her daughters’ successes. "They are so passionate about what they are doing. They have so many ideas. Nobody is making up their stuff, their doing it themselves."

The season finale of Run’s House airs tonight at 9:30 PM on MTV.