Rev. Run's Wife Justine Simmons Releases Inspirational Book, Talks Loss Of Newborn Girl

Justine Simmons, wife of Hip-Hop pioneer Reverend Run, recently released God, Can You Hear Me?, a keepsake book inspired by her experiences raising their children.

Simmons, who is co-star of MTV's hit reality series Run's House, wrote the 32-page book for children ages 5-10. She offers questions and answers that encourage children to establish their own relationship with God.

"We teach our children to write letters to God as we do ourselves," Simmons told "I felt like children need to know at an early age that they can go to God and speak to him. I tried to get some things that I felt that children may have problems with and they may need answers to. If you really talk to him or write to him he will show up"

God, Can You Hear Me? was also a therapeutic release for Simmons, as she recently dealt with the public loss of her newborn daughter, Victoria.

Simmons announced that she was pregnant on the second season of Run's House, but tragedy struck in Sept. of 2006, when the newborn girl was pronounced dead, with cameras rolling.

"Being as though I write to God, I had to really write to God during my loss," Simmons said. "Not until you really have that problem in your face where you need that peace and strength, do you really know if it works. The peace I had almost scared me. I guess you just really have to have a situation, to know the strength of God or the peace of the Lord really works. It's just amazing."

Simmons said that the book's artwork played large role in bringing the lessons to life.

She worked closely with award winning illustrator Robert Papp, as they made the book's a visual reality.

"I didn't think I was going to put [the books] out," Simmons said. "God gave me these books late at night and told me to get up and write them."

The oversized hardcover is published by Harper Collins and hit stores today (Jan. 23).

In Feb., Simmons will tour various books stores in New York and New Jersey to promote God Can You Hear Me?