Rev. Run Talks 'Words of Wisdom,' New Projects

Rev. Run's new book Rev. Run's Words of Wisdom has arrived in stores. Published by Harpers Collins, the book was…

Rev. Run's new

book Rev. Run's Words of Wisdom has arrived in stores. Published by Harpers

Collins, the book was inspired by the motivational message the Run-DMC member

offers friends and viewers of his hit MTV show Run's House.

The first 5,000

people to purchase the book will be added to Rev. Run's personal e-mail list.

"More people

wanted the words of wisdom because of the television show. So I said 'I can't

reach everyone,' so I put out a book," the minister/rapper said. "Harper

Collins wanted to do a book on Rev. Run's words of wisdom, so here we are."

Rev. Run first

entered the literary world with It's Like That: A Spiritual Memoir. He

hopes readers will gather "hope, strength, courage and a deeper prayer

life" from reading the new book.

Run also revealed

that Words of Wisdom is an extension of his ministry, stating, "It's

really what I use. What I'm doing when I'm writing these words of wisdom, is

you guys are hearing me think out loud. So whatever I'm going through, that

night, that morning, all around those moments and however I get though it, again,

I just give it out. So yes, it's my ministry. It's me preaching to you. And

you get a word. For some people this is the only church they'll ever get."

In addition to

promoting his new book, Rev. Run is currently filming the second season of Run's


"The new season

will be similar to last season," said Rev. Run, who added the show will

feature "situations going on in my home, with a point" as well as

showing him as a father, rapper and priest.

"I think

the show is sort of a self-help show. Like you buy self-help books, this is

a self-help show," he said. "It shows a man raising his family. I

mean, it's funny. It's going to be funny of course but Run-DMC always snuck

a message to you. There was always a message, but you still get the street feeling.

That's my job, to get you a message but then at the same time, not throw a sermon

down your throat."

Rev. Run also recently

hooked up with Jeanne Ashe, wife of the late Arthur Ashe for a new Arthur Ashe

sneaker. The shoe, which was created by Run Athletics, is currently in stores

along with the new Legacy sneaker.

On a musical note,

the remix for Run's current single "I Used to Think I was Run" will

hit airwaves in the coming weeks. The Jermaine Dupri-produced track features

Dupri and Da Brat.

The first 5,000

people to buy Rev Run’s book Rev Run's Words of Wisdom will receive

a Rev Run’s Words of Wisdom email for 2 weeks.

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