Rev Run To Turn 40 In Style

On Sunday November

14th, Reverend Run of Run-DMC will celebrate a milestone in his life, his 40th


The retired rapper-turned

Reverend said he will spend the entire day praising the lord.

“It really

is an important milestone. It’s my 40th, I’m excited because it

falls on a Sunday. I can spend all day in church praising God,” Run told

When finished praising,

Rev. Run said he would treat himself to a half-a-million dollar birthday present.

“Instead of throwing some big ol’ party, I am going to go pick up

a platinum Phantom Rolls-Royce, 2005,” Run said.

Run, born Joseph

Simmons, heads up Run Athletics. The company has sold over $100 million dollars

worth of Phat Farm sneakers and clothing apparel, which Run attributes to his

positive outlook on life and his focus on God.

The company hopes

to duplicate the success of their previous footwear lines with the launch of

their latest sneaker, named after African-American tennis legend, Arthur Ashe.

“At the end

of the day, it’s all about celebrating life and prosperity,” Run

said of turning 40. “You are always becoming that which you are conscious

of being.”