REVIEW & STREAM: Consequence’s Return Is Fulfilled With A Good Comeback Story

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(AllHipHop Reviews) Consequence drops his latest A Good Comeback Story, which co-stars his adorable son Caiden. The title is suggestive and, upon listening, the EP turns out to be just that - a return to grace. Consequence represents a rare breed in 2016, the last surviving remnants of an era long gone from Hip-Hop. It’s not a bad space to be in, considering some of modern rap feels soulless. A Good Comeback Story clocks in 8 tracks so the Queens rapper gets in and out while the getting is good. The music here is solid and the lyrics are on point. Cons trades bars with Q-Tip on “No Matter What,” talks money with Ryan Leslie on “Every Night,” and turns up with Lupe Fiasco on “Countdown.” But don’t sleep. Cons can do his thing solo solo if he must. Songs like “Tuck Your Release” prove that. On that song, he says “I’m armed with bars like Ronda Rousey’ armbar” and “I sleep with one eye open like Fetty Wap.” Overall, this is pretty much the way to go. Serve the public, cater to your audience and get out. There are times when the beats are a bit too sparse, but that’s just the boom bap. It has been a minute. A Good Comeback Story concludes with “Battle Anybody” with the former reality star talking slick. You gotta listen. Bars.

Listen to A Good Comeback Story below.

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