Rhymefest Reunited With Father After 24 Years

(AllHipHop News) Chicago rapper Rhymefest has reunited with his father, after 24 years of being apart.

Rhymefest, born Che Smith, last saw his father when he was 11 years old.

The pair was reunited after Rhymefest bought a house that was being sold by other family members, on Chicago's West side.

Once he was settled in, Rhymefest reached out to an uncle who had a friend, who said he had located his estranged father.

"It was not until I hugged him that I realized how much I missed having a dad around," Rhymefest said.

According to Rhymefest's father Brian Tillman, he lost track of his son due to his drinking problem, which he is currently receiving treatment for.

"I have a drinking problem. I can admit that now. It has prevented me from doing a lot of things, including being a part of his life," Tillman said. "I am getting treatment for my drinking and developing a relationship with my two grandkids."

Rhymefest said he would do what he could to help his father, who is still living in the homeless shelter.