Rich The Kid Delivers His Own Kid As Tori Brixx Gives Birth To Baby Boy

The happy couple celebrates the birth of their first child.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rich The Kid and his girl Tori Brixx are celebrating the birth of their first child together.

According to Rich, he was very hands-on and he successfully delivered his own son,

"I literally just delivered my baby boy biggest blessing I cant believe it he’s here," Rich shared on Instagram.

"I’m so happy I must be living a dream thank you for having this beautiful baby," Rich The Kid continued. "Thank for making me better thank you for being by my side always your everything I can ever imagine the most beautiful women I’ve ever met inside & out.   It's more good news for Rich The Kid, who recently released his album The World is Yours 2 which features guest appearances from Offset, Young Thug, Torey Lanez, Nav and others.

Take a look:

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Congrats to the young couple, and I wish them the very best always...

In Related News: Rich "DID NOT" deliver his own child unless they had him in the car on the way to the hospital. I have been in the delivery room and the medical professionals are moving in unison at warp speed, they do not have time to allow a non-medical person to assist in the birth. They allowed me to cut the umbilical cord.

Once again best wishes to the happy couple...