Rich The Kid's Estranged Wife Wants His Money

More money issues seem to be plaguing the rising rapper.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rich The Kid is facing a demand for financial help from his estranged wife.

Antonette Willis filed for divorce from the "Plug Walk" star last March, but she claims her lawyers have been unable to serve her ex with court papers because they have been unable to track him down.

She alleges the unsuccessful efforts have cost her thousands in legal fees, and now she is seeking $30,000 from Rich to help pay off the bill.

Willis also makes it clear the MC can easily afford to cut her a check because he is said to earn over $100,000 a month.

She has been struggling to make any money from her career as a Twerk Team dancer, under the stage name Lady Luscious.

As part of her latest legal filing in California, Willis spends over $8,700 a month taking care of their two children.

She accepts that the majority of the funds are provided by her ex, including $4,500 for her rent each month and other "housing expenses."

She wants the judge overseeing the case to set up an official child support payment plan, so she no longer has to ask Rich for money to support herself and their kids, whom she claims he rarely sees.

The rapper, who is known for flaunting his funds online, has yet to respond to the filing.

Despite his apparent riches, the 26-year-old is also facing a lawsuit over allegations of unpaid rent on his Hollywood Hills mansion.

That court action was filed just days after Rich the Kid was targetted in an armed robbery outside a West Hollywood recording studio on February 12.

The suspects made off with jewelry and cash from the star and members of his entourage.


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