Rich The Kid's Wife Says Rapper Forced Abortions; Kicked Her Out For Tori Brixx

AllHipHop Staff

Rich The Kid's wife is letting it all out in their divorce proceedings.

(AllHipHop News) Rap star Rich the Kid is being accused of some terrible behavior, by his soon to be ex-wife.

In March, Antonette Willis filed a petition to divorce the rapper, born Dimitri Roger.

Willis' original court filing accused Rich The Kid of infidelity since he allegedly cheated on her with famous models like Bria Myles, India Love and Tori Brixx.

Now Antonette Willis has filed more court documents in the divorce saga, claiming Rich The Kid abused her so often, that it became routine in their relationship, which has produced two toddlers.

But Willis claims Rich The Kid made her have at least three abortions during their tumultuous relationship, which came to a close with the divorce papers in March.

According to reports, Antonette Willis claims she has no income and that Rich The Kid kicked her out of the family home in Los Angeles, so Tori Brixx could move in.

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