Richard "O'Sh*t" Duncan Addresses His Issues With Ceaser Of 'Black Ink Crew'

He also calls Sky "straight loco."

(AllHipHop News) The fallout between former friends/co-workers Richard "O'Sh*t" Duncan and Ceaser Emanuel has been a major story-line on Black Ink Crew. Duncan spoke to The Domenick Nati Show about his issues with Ceaser.

"The only reason why things fell apart is because Ceaser doesn't respect me as a man and I could never see myself working for somebody who's not going to respect me," said O'Sh*t. "I personally don't see us working again. I don't have no malice or ill will towards him, I just don't think that he respects me enough for me to work with [him]."

Duncan artist also discussed the "toxic environment" of Black Ink Crew. Plus, the tattoo artist shared why he believes the current cast members would be "hard to date."

"I couldn't imagine anyone dating Ceaser," offered O'Sh*t. He added, "Teddy's not looking for nothing serious, and Sky is just straight loco." 

Black Ink Crew airs Wednesday at 10 pm ET on VH1.