Rick James Joins Nocturnal Rage On Remix

Seattle based hip-hop group Nocturnal Rage, has

hit the underground scene with their debut single, "Miss Mary Jane,"

from their self-titled CD on Noc on Wood Records/City Hall. The group is performing

and promoting the track around the country and are anticipating even more heat

with the remix, which features funk icon Rick James.

The title track was produced by Philly Blunt

(E-40, Jeffrey Osbourne, The Whispers, Rappin’ 4Tay and Kid Frost), and

Nocturnal Rage revisits James’ original 1978 hit, “Mary Jane.”

In a statement made to AllHipHop.com, Caligula said, “For Rick James to

join us on our debut project is the total validation of our skills.”

Nocturnal Rage group members Caligula, PyroManiak

and Fo’Feva have compiled a 20-track CD which includes such song titles

as "Gots to Get It," "Almighty Dollar," "How Ya Feelin’,"

"Stop Hatin’," "The Best I Can and Doin’ Our Thang."

Each joint represents a different style from rock-induced, twangy and mellow


“Our goal has always been to stand apart

as the best,” Caligula said. “Seattle has such a strong musical legacy,

and it has always been important for us to honor that legacy.”