Rick Ross Asks Court For Help Controlling His Ex's Wild Online Rants

AllHipHop Staff

Rick Ross is taking his ex-girlfriend to court over her online rants.

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross is looking to shut down his ex's social media accounts to prevent her from calling him out online, over child support issues.

Tia Kemp is well known for dissing Rozay, whether it's siding with his enemies like 50 Cent, writing a book, or going directly to social media to call out "The Bawse."

Rick, born William Leonard Roberts II, recently filed court documents seeking to have Tia's social media accounts suspended.

Tia recently took Ross to court, in an attempt to secure more child support from the rapper. As the case drags on Tia, has done her share of dragging the rapper on the Internet.

She recently claimed Rick Ross is still neglecting his son, while failing to live up to various obligations and even missed his son's birthday.


“It hurts me to see my child hurt. Can you imagine having a celeb father, and when he’s in town, he goes all these other places, but can’t come to one of your football games? It’s sad.” said Kemp.

In the latest filing, Rick Ross accused Tia of being a moocher who is "upset that [Ross] will not cede to her financial demands so that she can live off of child support rather than obtain employment.”

The Florida rap star is asking the judge to make Tia hire a third-party to review all of her social media posts before they are made public, to ensure she cannot do any more damage to his reputation.