Rick Ross Attacks 50 On Air; Claims Ex Was A 'Maid'

AllHipHop Staff

Undeterred by 50 Cent's stunt with his child's mother, Miami's Rick Ross has made a promise to end the Queens mogul's career next month, via the release of Deeper Than Rap.

Appearing today on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show, a confident Ross explained his plans for his newfound hated rival.

"I'm setting up the biggest album of the year on March 24. It will forever change the game," Ross stated. "I'm offering the biggest monkey in the business a challenge. You got Dre. Go get the best beats you can get, monkey, since they all flopped in the last year. His album has only been pushed back a year, his MTV show was canceled before the season even went through. The monkey is playing right into our trap."

Regarding the ante being up for this beef outside the booth, Ross argues that it's the only recourse for 50, since he is far removed from his lyrical prime.

"This Curly is not the '03 Get Rich or Die Tryin'. This monkey I'm dealing with is barely holding on to a musical career," Ross quipped. "Kanye murdered this man a year and a half ago. No one sees him on that level [anymore]. He should've been retired. But I have the opportunity to do that. Hopefully he'll accept my challenge."

Previously, both albums were scheduled to drop a month apart: 50's Before I Self-Destruct in March, and Ross' Deeper Than Rap in April.

Now with the media and fan frenzy involving the two, Rick Ross appears focused on engaging 50 in another album battle to decide the feud's ultimate winner.

"He hasn't come with fire in 4 years. His singles been struggling for the last 4 months," Ross continued. "This is my inauguration into the White House. You're gonna have your Reverend Wrights." Finally, Ross brushed off the video of 50 with his child's mother, denying that he doesn't take care of his son and that he never had an actual "relationship" with the woman beyond employment. "I done dressed over 10,000 kids [through my charity foundation]. She was a maid of mine," Ross revealed. "And the child is being taken care of. It [the video] didn't offend me. That's what I expect from her."

At press time, 50 Cent could not be reached comment. Early today, the G-Unit head appeared on Miami radio and derided Ross as an embarrassment.

Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap is now expected to drop March 24, a week before 50 Cent's tentative March 31 date for Before I Self-Destruct.