Rick Ross Denied Entry Into Bermuda; Show Canceled

AllHipHop Staff

A concert featuring Rick Ross tonight (August 1) in Bermuda has been canceled after the government denied the rapper a work permit to perform.

Earlier this week, Immigration Minister David Burch refused to issue a permit for Rick Ross to perform at the Cup Match Extravaganza, which was supposed to take place at Snorkel Park.

According to Bermuda’s Royal Gazette, the rapper’s work permit was denied because he did not “possess good character and conduct.”

The show’s promoter, Kendricks Zuill said he thought Immigration officials were confusing Rick Ross, born William Roberts, with “Freeway” Ricky Ross, a recently released, former crack/cocaine kingpin.

"I've been trying to convince them that he is a man of good conduct,” the show’s promoter Kendricks Zuill said. “I was providing them with information, but all they told me was that the Minister was not satisfied. It's something personal.”

While Rick Ross was arrested in January of 2008 on a gun charge, those charges were eventually dropped.

Refunds are being issued to over 500 people who had started purchasing tickets to the show.

Rick Ross has been approved entry into the United Kingdom for a tour that will start next month.