Rick Ross, Freck Billionaire Team Up to Diss Floyd Mayweather

AllHipHop Staff

After getting venom thrown their way by pound for pound elite fighter Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross and Freck Billionaire are answering the pugilist via the new Triple C’s helmed diss “Go (War Remix).”

Last month, Mayweather derided both artists in an exclusive interview with AllHipHop.com, framing Ross as a fraud and joking “when I need someone arrested, I’ll call him.”

Regarding Freck Billionaire, Mayweather accused him of being a thief for stealing an expensive watch after defaulting on contract obligations with Mayweather’s Philthy Rich record label.

According to Mayweather, Freck failed to disclose a previous signed contract that resulted in the boxer being sued.

“F**k Floyd Mayweather! You spoke my name,” Ross began. “Forever getting robbed/Bloods took your jewels/Can’t beat the IRS baby boy/Just pay your dues!”

In addition to alluding to his alleged IRS problems, Ross belittles Mayweather regarding his mainstream appeal, and a previous strip club incident where the boxer allegedly threw fake $100 bills into the air.

“Even your name lame/Ain’t no Mayweather Punchout!/Catch him in Florida/I’m a need another lawyer/Why your daddy employer/Go by the name of De La Hoya?!...We standing on the bar/Throwing real money/Holla Mayweather when you see a fake hundred.”

On his end, Freck Billionaire dismissed Mayweather’s allegations as completely baseless.

“I think it’s a bitter cheap shot, totally untrue from an egotistically frustrated person,” Freck told AllHipHop.com. “I’ll respond to Floyd when I see him face to face. I don’t go back and forth on blogs, that’s his style.”

Despite this proclamation, Billionaire does deliver a verse chastising Mayweather’s recent actions.

“Talking greasy because you’re 39-0?/Real life b*tch n*gga 39 and hoe/I’m his toughest opponent yet/I’m nothing like Marquez.”

At press time Floyd Mayweather could not be reach for comment, and is completing a final public workout in preparation for his anticipated September 19 PPV showdown with Juan Manuel Marquez.

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