Rick Ross Goes Home After Major Health Scare

AllHipHop Staff

Rozay has finally returned, after being rushed to the ER with heart and lung issues.

(AllHipHop News) Miami rapper Rick Ross is back home and recovering, after spending four days in the hospital.

According to reports, Rick Ross left the hospital earlier this morning, after emergency crews were called to his home in Florida last Thursday morning, after an assistant found the rap boss breathing heavily and unresponsive.

The "Purple Lamborghini" hitmaker fell ill overnight on Wednesday (February 28) and an aide called emergency services before dawn on Thursday, to report Ross couldn't be roused, was struggling to breathe, and "slobbing out the mouth."

Davie Police Department insiders said they were called to aid first responders when the rapper became combative as he was being treated.

It's not clear if Rick was hospitalized - family members insist he wasn't, but one source said the rap star was asked to make an appearance on Thursday night and pulled out after a representative told venue bosses he was in the hospital.

This is the latest in a long line of medical emergencies for Ross - he suffered two seizures in October 2011 and was hospitalized, but later insisted exhaustion was to blame for the health scare and committed to change his diet and lifestyle.

Ross subsequently lost over 100 pounds.

The rapper has no doubt been considering his own mortality in recent weeks following the death of his manager, Nadrian 'Black Bo' James, in December.

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I take it you know this dude personally. You act like yall have personal beef. The "truth" is that you never truly know which one of these rappers is a fraud unless you "know".


DAMMM We Had a PARADE Planned After His Funeral....the Passing of the BIGGEST FRAUD in History - Officer Ricky, the FAKE rr..... at LEAST His 'Career' DIED years ago!


Glad to hear this. He too young for these kind of issues. Pray he gets stronger.


Good is he o.k...too many people depending on him