Rick Ross On Eminem: 'I'm Not Impressed With The Music'

AllHipHop Staff

While claiming to be “past” his on-going feud with 50 Cent, Def Jam recording artist Rick Ross continues to be vocal in the press about his disdain for his rival and those affiliated to him.

In a recent interview with Canadian television network Much Music, Ross takes more jabs at the G-Unit/Shady camp.

According to MuchMusic.com, Ross revealed that despite his recent challenge to Eminem, he remains a fan of Shady Records’ flagship artist.

However, he isn’t very impressed with Em’s latest releases.

“I’m just not impressed with the music I’m hearing,” the Miami rapper stated. “But hopefully, Imma buy his album when it come out, if it don’t disappoint me too bad. You know, we’ll see.”

The comment comes just weeks after Ross told MTV News that he would be interested in being involved with Eminem’s highly anticipated fifth major label release, Relapse, due out May 19.

While Ross did not necessarily indicate a desire to continue a rivalry with Eminem, he did continue his war of words with 50’s G-Unit camp in the new interview, which is set to air on an upcoming episode of MuchNewsWeekly.

“I done put out a number one album, and you know, I finished those guys. G-Unit was dropped from Interscope,” he added, clapping. “They still can’t dress, they’re monkeys, but that’ll never change.”

While the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross may not go down in Hip-Hop history for the actual rhymes exchanged, it does stand out as one of the most entertaining, employing tactics including animated videos, X-Rated videos and outings with the mother of one of Ross’ children.

Asked if he felt 50 Cent had taken things too far, the portly Slip-N-Slide recruit explained that as long as the beef did not escalate to gun violence, one could not say it had “gone too far.”

“Where I come from, you need AK-47s to go far," he explained. "Anything short of that, we'll label you a girl, kick you in the butt and send you home, and that's pretty much what I did."

Rick Ross’s third studio release, Deeper Than Rap, remains at the number four position on The Billboard 200 chart, where it debuted in the number one spot last week with 150,000 copies sold in the first week of release.