Rick Ross Reveals 'Teflon Don' Album; Talks Bermuda

AllHipHop Staff

Undeterred by a recent ban from entering the country of Bermuda, rapper Rick Ross is moving forward with plans for a new album.

In an interview with the Hartford's 93.7 's On-Air Idiot Show, Ross was at a loss for words as to why the country would ban him on the grounds of not “possessing good character and conduct.”

“I never been there, so I don’t know,” Ross explained. “I had a great time in Dubai, they welcomed me there. And I spent some good money over there and we had a wonderful time. Maybe Bermuda is even more special than that. We’ll have to look into it.”

Ross confirmed that he is already working on his next solo album, Teflon Don, which he expects to surpass his recent success with 2009’s Deeper Than Rap.

“I’m already on top of it, [and] it’s going to eclipse all my other projects,” Ross stated. “I recorded a record last week called ‘My Wedding Day.’ Just to summarize it, it’s like New Jack City when they were at the wedding…but it starts off real beautiful. [But] we’re just focused on this Triple C project and hitting them hard.”

The Triple C’s LP, entitled Custom Cars & Cycles, is being promoted by the Birdman-assisted single “Go.”

The debut project from Ross’ group is currently slated for a Fall release.

“The streets are excited. It’s all about motivating people to get up in the morning and go and get it,” Ross detailed. “I always stay focused on business….These are my brothers and they’ve been riding with me forever. It’s only right, the time’s right. We have a high-powered album we’re going to drop in October. Just know there’s a lot more treats to come.”

With the correctional officer and 50 Cent issue dying down, Ross credits his business acumen and music quality for his perseverance.

“[I’m] being a hustler,” Ross argued. “It don’t matter if you put me in Ireland tomorrow. You’re going to here about me doing something over there, I’ll make a movie. It’s the kind of dude I am. Whatever room you put me in it don’t matter. That’s what it’s about. I feel like everybody that’s watched my career and this empire being built are going to learn to respect it.”

At press time, a specified October date has not been announced for the Triple C’s album.