Rick Ross Sits in Executive Producer Chair for New Documentary

AllHipHop Staff

Two weeks after the release of his forthcoming sophomore album, Rick Ross is unveiling a gritty slice of his beloved Miami in a new documentary.The film, titled M.I.Yayo, will offer what is described as a true account of street life in Miami while counting down the 10 most notorious druglords in the city.For Ross, the chance to provide a look at what he’s seen firsthand was too good to pass up."When I was touring in Europe with Port of Miami, the media question of the day was 'What is the 'other side of the bridge?,'" stated the rapper, who feels documentary serves as the visual soundtrack to his hit songs "Hustlin," and "White House.""It is incredibly shocking, and many think Miami is South Beach, that's it," Ross continued. "The world wants to know the real deal and this is it with M.I.Yayo."The factors behind the flourishing of Miami’s street economy are also explored as well as the city's current state of affairs.Directed by Chris Larceny, M.I.Yayo details how billions in drug money was made and distributed in Miami’s inner city streets in the early '80's and '90's through true accounts, news footage and interviews with families and associates of those involved in the Miami’s drug scene as well as the accused movers and shakers themselves.Although M.I.Yayo may glorify the lifestyle it portrays to some, those behind the documentary argue that their work does not glamorize Miami dark side.Instead, they feel it gives a true rendering of Miami's street life with gritty, factual footage that contributes to the infrastructure of the streets of Miami.Ross will host a series of screenings for M.I.Yayo in select cities throughout the country.The film, which will be distributed by Traffic Entertainment throughout the U.S. and Canada, will be available at music and video stores, online via iTunes and at www.maybachmusicgroup.com on March 25.Rick Ross' new album Trilla is slated to hit stores on March 11.

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