Rick Ross To Make His Debut In Russia This Summer

AllHipHop Staff

The boss is heading to Moscow this July to make his debut performance.

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross continues to trek the globe in the name of hip-hop with a high-profile performance in Russia.

The boss is heading to Moscow for the first time, to perform as part of a "pop-up" club being launched during the duration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The event is being produced by Dubai-based company Bulldozer Group, which owns the superclub, BASE Dubai.

The BASE Moscow pop-up is the first dedicated nightclub to open specifically for the sporting event and promises to become a world-class late-night spot for the rich and famous.

The opulent pop-up will launch on June 14 with American R&B star, Jason Derulo, who is also slated to open the World Cup with his song "Colors," Alessandra Ambro´sio, Timati and others.

Last month, Rick Ross made his debut in Kenya, after he performed at the NRG Wave Concert, where locals bestowed him a new name: Tajiri.Check out the full lineup for BASE Moscow:
Jason Derulo - June 14
Timati - June 22
Alessandra Ambro´sio - June 27
Rick Ross - July 6
Bob Sinclar - July 11
Gianluca Vacchi - July 14

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