Rick Ross Trashes Miami Dolphin's Owner Stephen Ross For Dissing Black Kids

The rapper went off on Stephen Ross, who is also an avid supporter of President Trump.

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross recently dropped off his highly-anticipated album Port of Miami 2, but that’s not stopping him from speaking his mind about the city's NFL football team.

Rozay defended Kenny Stills in his feud with Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross over his support for President Donald Trump.

Stills, who plays wide receiver for the Dolphins, criticized his boss earlier this week by stating Stephen Ross was a hypocrite for running a charity that championed equality while being a huge financial supporter for President Trump.

Stephen Ross also owns two fitness brands, SoulCycle and Equinox, which customers are boycotting over the billionaire's fundraiser for Trump, which raised $12 million over the weekend.

The Miami rapper said supporting Trump was a slap in the face, because Rozay claims Stephen Ross does not do enough for the black community.

Rozay states, "I never cared about Stephen Ross. It's been rough for me and the Dolphins for years. Stephen Ross, he ain't surprising nobody. No black young kids in the community ever got invited to their football games."

The “Gold Roses” rapper sees through any talks of equality, calling out the billionaire for not trying to build a relationship with local black youth.

However, this doesn’t stop the MMG rapper from supporting and remaining loyal to his team. He just wants nothing to do with the people running it.

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Ross stick to music bro. This is the problem with you celebrities, you think the masses must obey your orders. Joe Biden just shitted on "black poor kids", where is his trashing? How would you know what charities this man donates to? Furthermore, what are your Democratic cronies doing to up inspire & lift black communities? Not a dam thing


Coming from a supposedly rich black guy that does NOTHING for his own black people especially the black kids.... you tell em ross, LOL SMH