Rick Ross' Website Hacked, New Tracks Released

AllHipHop Staff

50 Cent and Rick Ross both removed elements of their running rap feud that involved their immediate and extended family members.

On Wednesday (February 12), 50 Cent released a video of his affiliates or himself video recording themselves in a Florida retail store owned by DJ Khaled's mother.

Khaled is a coveted musical tastemaker that has proclaimed on record that he will "stand beside Rick Ross for the rest of my life - through the good times [and] through the bad times."

In the video, the woman is sleep and the ominous video suggests the woman is in possible danger.

Initially, it was believed that 50 Cent had taken this feud to new levels, but the Queens-bred rapper told media personality Miss Info he was responding to Rick Ross.

On the newly erected diss site, thisiscurly.com, an image is presented of a picture of 50 Cent's son as a chimp captioned "Lil' monkey."

According to 50, the image was put on the site Sunday and the video of Khaled's mother was a reply.

“How come everyone hears the shot, but nobody sees the slap that comes before the shot?" 50 Cent said. "You push, I punch, you stab, I shoot.” Rick Ross told Miss Info that he claims no responsibility for the offending image or the site devoted to warring with 50 Cent.

As a truce, both parties have removed the video of DJ Khaled's mother and of 50 Cent's son, Marquis.

The rap beef isn't over though. As of 9:40 PM on (February 12), Ross’ thisiscurly.com had been hacked.

The site directed visitors to a sex toy shop that offered a variety of adult products for sale.

A track titled “Cigar Music” off of Ross’ upcoming album Mafia Music also hit the net tonight as well, while 50 Cent has released a song called "Tia Told Me," a diss song that refers to Rick Ross' child's mother.