Rick Ross Working on New Magazine and Record Label


may be looking fine enough for Rick Ross to sit back and relax, but the Miami

rapper is eyeing a variety of ventures, including a new magazine and record label.


the projects have yet to get off the ground, Ross is taking his time to ensure

things are done his way and is currently negotiating with Def Jam."I'm

not in too much of a rush at this point because I'm trying to get everything financially

stable," Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. "Right now I'm working on a lot

of different business plans. I got the new album and something coming with Khaled

in a few months. We feel good about the position that we're currently in. We're

setting the foundation, so be on the look out." In

addition to his outside pursuits, Ross is working on a new CD as well as a DVD.


need the gwap, baby," Ross added. "I'm just doing my best to get things


related news, Ross has signed on to star in the urban gang thriller Days of

Wrath. The

movie, which also stars Kurupt, David Banner, Stavye "Slim Thug" Thomas,

Jessie Garcia, Amber Valletta, Lupe Ontiveros and others.

Ross, Slim Thug and Banner will be featured as gang members in the movie, which

revolved around a group of Los Angeles residents who are caught in the middle

of a war between black and Latino gang members.