Rickey Smiley's Daughter Shot In Houston

AllHipHop Staff

Radio legend Rickey Smiley is asking fans for prayers after his daughter was shot in Houston.

(AllHipHop News) Popular radio personality Rickey Smiley is dealing with a family tragedy.

His daughter Aaryn was shot in Houston, Texas over the weekend. Rickey Smiley broke down the tragic incident on his show earlier this morning (July 6th).

According to Ricky, his baby girl was simply waiting at a red light when gunfire broke out nearby between two men, who were arguing during a road rage incident.

Aaryn was struck three times in the body during crossfire between two rivals blasting away on a public street.

"Parents shouldn't have to go through this," Rickey Smiley said through his tears. "We got to stop gun violence. Parents shouldn't have to go through this. My daughter isn't in no gang, she aint did nothing wrong, she don't bother nobody," Smiley said.

Thankfully, Aaryn's surgery went great and she is now in stable condition and recovering.

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