Rico Recklezz Offers Advice For O.J. Simpson After Prison Stint

The Chicago rapper spent years in prison and now he's got some suggestions for The Juice.

(AllHipHop News) O.J. Simpson was recently granted parole after serving 9 years for kidnapping and armed robbery. The Juice is now a free man, but he still must meet a number of conditions.

So how can Simpson avoid parole violations and be forced to complete his 33-year sentence in a Nevada prison? Former inmate, current rapper Rico Recklezz sat down with DJ Smallz to offer some advice to the one-time NFL great.

"Stay the f-ck away from gloves. Stay the f-ck away from white hoes. Stay the f-ck away from old football jerseys, basketball jerseys," said Rico. "Matter of fact, stay your old ass in the crib."

Simpson was arrested in 2007 for stealing sports memorabilia from a man in a Las Vegas hotel. The victim claimed he was held at gunpoint, while O.J. insisted there was no gun involved and the items actually belonged to him.

In an even more highly publicized case, Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. That trial divided the nation at the time, and it became a pop culture obsession for three decades.