Rihanna Will Testify If Asked

AllHipHop Staff

Rihanna intends to testify in court if the Los Angeles DA calls her as a witness in her assault case involving Chris Brown, according to her lawyer.

Donald Etra, counsel to Rihanna, said that she would comply with the legal requirements of her with authorities.

Chris Brown, 19, was formally charged on Thursday with two felonies for assault and making criminal threats in an alleged violent argument that resulted in a brutal beating of his girlfriend.

A shocking image of the 21-year-old’s wounds was leaked to the internet, but Rihanna hasn’t commented at the urging of police.

The detectives’ findings were revealed last week. (Click here to read the full transcript.)

In the report, Rihanna is referred to as "Robyn F" for her real Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

Rihanna didn’t attempt to enforce a "no contact" in court proceedings, but Etra stated that she could report any additional infractions to authorities against her.

Brown faces more that four years in prison if given the full penalty for all charges against him.