Robert Redford Congratulated Danny Glover On 'Son' Donald's Success

The legendary actor thought the actor had a "secret' son!

(AllHipHop News) Lethal Weapon star Danny Glover had to set Robert Redford straight after the legendary actor complimented him on the success of his rapper 'son' Donald Glover.

Danny is often mistaken for the "This Is America" hitmaker's father - as they share the same name - and although he doesn't mind being linked to such a talent, he's happy to correct people who think the two stars are related.

He recently had to break the news to his "The Old Man & the Gun" co-star Redford, after the fellow movie veteran approached Danny onset and heaped praise on the Atlanta actor, who also raps under the moniker Childish Gambino.

"I get that everywhere!" Danny laughed about the mistaken identity. "(Donald) is a great, wonderful artist, great at what he does.

"Robert said, 'Man, your son is great...!' I said, 'Well, he's great but he's not my son!'"

Danny has a daughter, named Mandisa, with his wife Eliane Cavalleiro, while Donald is actually the son of retired postal worker, Donald Glover, Sr.

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Hope Danny gets to be on Atlanta.