Roc-A-Fella To Chronicle Drug Dealers


Records will release a bio pic early in the fall

of this year, detailing the life of notorious Harlem Drug Dealers,

AZ, Rich Porter and Alberto "Alpo" Martinez.

"The movie

is about something I personally saw from a distance," Harlem

native and Roc-A-Fella CEO Dame Dash told Sonicnet. "These

guys were real ghetto celebs. As I look at what's going on today,

I don't think some people understand how influential Harlem

was in the '80s. How it's still influential."

The flick was shot

on location in Harlem and Toronto Canada. It stars Cam'Ron,

Mekhi Phifer and Wood Harris. The movie started shooting last

summer and is on it's last days of re-shooting key scenes.

The Roc is also starting production on The Criminals, which

will star Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek. There is also

a film in the works with Universal called "Paper Soldiers."