Roc Nation K. Koke Opens Up About Career, Legal Troubles, New Album

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop News) UK rapper K Koke opened up about his recent attempted murder trial, after he was accused of shooting a man at a Harlesden train station in March of 2011.

The rapper and four teenagers were charged with various charges, including attempted murder for the shooting, just after K Koke had inked a deal with Jay-Z's Roc Nation.

After a month-long trial and 7 months on remand, K Koke was acquitted of all the charges levied against him.

"They had a picture of someone that wasn't me," K Koke said in an interview, stating that the police still targeted him for his lyrical content.

"After I came out of prison for the attempted murder thing, I moved out of the area and they [the police] came and found my house, gave me a beat down in the house, looking for firearms," K Koke said, laughing.

Now that his legal troubles are behind him, the UK rapper, part of the Usual Suspects/USG Entertainment rap crew, is working on his Roc Nation debut and slowly making plans to come to America.

"Once I do well over here [the UK], but I can't go over there [the United States] now," K Koke said. "I haven't accomplished what I need to accomplish over here it's the beginning of my journey, and just walking it right now."