Rock of Heltah Skeltah Preps New Mix CD 'Rockin Out West'

(AllHipHop News) Rock a.k.a The Rockness Monstah of Heltah Skeltah is back with his latest Mixtape entitled Rockin Out West, his first release since beating an attempted murder charge. Rockin Out West will be available September 7th, 2010 for physical CD release and according to Rock, the album is a "gem.""Most diamonds are rocks that form under high-pressure high-temperature conditions but at the end you get something beautiful, something special, a gem," Rock said. "That’s all a metaphor for the case I faced over the past two and a half years."The album is an ode to Rock's time spent out on the West Coast in Los Angeles with guest like Kurupt, Ras Kass, Nate Dogg, and more. “The case and the pressure I was under created the climate that gave me the fuel and the fire to do this project. It happened on accident, but then again I don’t really believe in accidents," Rock said. Rock was accused of being a moonlighting as a pimp at night and shooting a rival in January of 2008. He was eventually released on $125,000 bail and proclaimed his innocence in the alleged shooting, assault, as well as allegations that he was pimping. Last month, Rock was found not guilty of the charges. Rock will also be releasing several music videos from the forthcoming Mixtape. The first release off Rockin Out West is "Rockridah" featuring the rapper rhyming over 2Pac's classic "Ambitionz Az A Ridah." Below is the track listing.Rockin Out West Official Track Listing: 1- Suge Intro 2- West Coast Rockin 3- Da Ness Episode 4- Watch Out 5- Gangsta Boogie 6- Meet n Greet feat. Kurupt 7- Underground 8- Puffin n Drankin 9- Da Shitsong 10- Still Rockin 11- Rockridah 12- Who Wanna Rock 13- WestCoastBlah 14- CantBrag, CantComplain 15- Tha Villest 16- Not Goin Out feat. Ras Kass 17- Big Heaters 18- Rocko feat. Po-Rilla 19- MostWanned 20- Respect Da G-Code feat. Rockredd, Boblakk, Rudyrockwell 21- Walk Like a G feat. Nate Dogg 22- Murdererer 23- Help Me 24- Da Dirtiest 25- Warning 26- Brite Lites Big Cities 27- Paid Niggas feat. Munchdawg, Pressha Dinero 28- Temp Murd