Rock/Rap Group Linkin Park Launch Charity For Tsunami Victims

Rock/rap group Linkin

Park has formed Music for Relief and has partnered with the American Red Cross

with hopes of raising funds for the victims of a massive tsunami which so far

has claimed over 175,000 in Southern Asia.

The group has donated

$100,000 for victims of the incident, which was triggered by a 9.0 magnitude

earthquake on the floor of the Indian Ocean.

Millions are homeless

and health officials believe many more will perish due to diseases and the lack

of clean water and sanitation.

“In response

to the recent devastation in Southern Asia, concerned musicians and fans along

with the American Red Cross have formed Music for Relief,” a statement

read on the website. “All donations go directly to

aid the victims and their families.”

The earthquake

was the strongest on record in the world for the last forty years. The most

heavily hit areas were Sri Lanka, India, the Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand.

The tsunami destroyed

coastlines thousands of miles away as well, causing massive on the east coast

of Africa.

Linkin Park recently

topped the charts with rapper Jay-Z, as their collaboration, MTV Ultimate

Mash-Ups Presents Jay-Z/Linkin Park: Collision Course, debuted at #1, moving

over 368,000 units the first week in stores.