Rocksteady Crew Celebrating 28th Anniversary

The Rock Steady

Crew will celebrate its 28th Anniversary later this month with five days of

festivities. The event this year will also present the First Annual Spy Award

to B-boys Kamel and Wicket.

The Rock Steady Crew 28th Anniversary will celebrate 28 years in which The RSC

not only nationalized the art of break dance, but preserved it with their continued

contributions to communities nationwide.

The 5 day event,

which will be held July 27th- 31st, will honor the veteran B-boys/B-Girls who

have dedicated their lives to mastering their craft, while shining light on

the new generation of Rock Steady Crew members.

The 28th Anniversary

celebration will feature a free outdoor concert with performances from Keith

Murray, Erick Sermon, Tony Touch and many others, as well as a celebrity basketball

game, an "End Of The Weak" MC Challenge and a B-boy/Girl Battle which

crowns the best break dancers in the world.

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