'Roll Bounce' Star Brandon T. Jackson To Bow Wow: Wake Up, Come Into The Light

The comedian/actor challenges his social network followers to pray for Shad Moss.

(AllHipHop News) Shad "Bow Wow" Moss was once again on the losing side of the internet. The rapper/actor posted a photoshopped image of himself in a classic picture of the Death Row Records roster.

The online reaction was filled with negative takes about Moss never being signed to the label, and memes began to spring up across social media. Bow Wow's Roll Bounce and Lottery Ticket co-star Brandon T. Jackson decided to offer his thoughts on the situation as well.

Jackson posted on Instagram:

See this is what I'm talking about .... what's really going on ??? and then they call me crazy ... I'm done with this society ...once you realize that the truth sets you free even from trying to be cool ... wake up @shadmoss time for you to come into the light bruh like really I gotta say something as your movie friend I gotta tell you the truth bruh like come on man #kingdomovereverything#bowwowchallenge

In a separate IG clip, Jackson added that he is sending out prayers for his "movie friend." The Detroit-raised preacher's son also told his followers, "Some people out here are lost. Y'all need to pray for Bow Wow, for real."

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It does Hashtag #FanMade at the bottom. Bow Wow isn't crazy at all. He's keeping himself relevant and y'all are all going for it, just ignore him and he'll go away.