Rolling Dolo, Brown Bag AllStars Alum Koncept Says It's Time To "Awaken" caught up with Brown Bag Allstars' (BBAS) own Koncept, and while he may be known for being a lethal lyricist with his BBAS brethren, he's been out in the Hip-Hop streets rolling solo lately as he promotes his new album and rocks numerous stages to support it.

But make no mistake, his BBAS Crew is represented on every song! Check out our interview with the BBAS Alum, Koncept: Thanks for taking out a few minutes to speak with AllHipHop, Koncept. We see you've been getting it in with the solo thing for 2012. What have you been up to the last few months?

Koncept: Thank you! I really appreciate your love and support. It means a lot. I dropped my official debut album, Awaken, on Soulspazm Records. We also dropped an EP for the project on wax titled, Watch The Sky Fall. Been pushing the album and having a great time! That's dope! So talk to us about the new video. What was the concept (no pun intended) behind the video, and who was involved in the direction and production?

Koncept: We just dropped the J57 "Pulp Fiction" video. It was directed by our homie, FreshPres. We wanted the video to have a real raw feeling to it. J57 and I both grew up in New York listening to that real raw authentic sh*t (excuse my language), and that's what we wanted the video to reflect. Ah, ok, that's what's up...

Koncept: I am also proud to let you know that my video for "Aspirations" is now in rotation on MTVu, which features Soul Khan and is also produced by J57. This was produced and directed by Hyer Ground. So then, we can expect to see some Brown Bag Allstar cameos in them both?

Koncept: You can catch J57. It's actually his record; I'm just the featured guest on it. This was the first video for his EP(s) dropping later this month (May 2012). Every project that we do, even solo, is always a Brown Bag AllStars record. For instance, my album, Awaken, is my solo debut, but it is still a BBAS record. J57 produced the majority of it with The Audible Doctor. Soul Khan is featured on the album. Deejay Element does scratches on it. Then I have some of our other brothers on it. We keep it in the family. Oh wow, very nice! I saw that you are about to go out on tour with Those Bodega Brovas and Tanya Morgan. When does all of that kick off, and what are you looking forward to the most?

Koncept: The tour starts in Chicago on May 23. Honestly, I'm really excited about it all. It doesn't get much better than being able to travel around, rock new places, and do what I love. Making money while doing it is always great, too! [laughter] I'm gonna get on stage and smash it every night. I just got back from touring the UK with Soul Khan, too. I've been having a blast! Sounds like fun! So what's next on the horizon for Koncept? What can we expect to see coming up from you in the near future?

Koncept: Right now, I'm working on an EP all produced by my Brown Bag brother, Deejay Element. You can expect that to drop sometime this summer, along with a bunch of fly videos.I am working on my next full album, but I can't talk much about that yet. [laughter] We also got a Brown Bag Allstars EP dropping soon. It's in it's final stages now. There's no official date just yet, but it's sounding crazy! You can stay up on everything at Thank you for your support! Again, it really does mean a lot. Thank you, Koncept, for speaking with us, and we look forward to hearing more in the near future.