Ron 'Mr. Biggs' Isley Of The Isley Brothers Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

Isley Brothers

frontman Ronald "Mr. Biggs" Isley has been sentenced to three years

and a month in prison for tax evasion.Isley,

who was facing up to 26-years in prison, was convicted last year on five counts

of tax evasion in Nov. of 2005. The

65-year-old singer was paid millions of dollars in performance fees between 1997

and 2002 without paying taxes. The

R&B legend, labeled a "serial tax avoider," also cashed royalty

checks belonging to his brother O'Kelly Isley, and put a yacht and homes in his

wife's name to avoid paying taxes. In

addition to the prison time, Isley, who has been paying down his debt to the Internal

Revenue Service (IRS), was also ordered to pay $3.1 million dollars to the government.


attorney's for Isley unsuccessfully argued that the death of two of the singer's

accountants prevented him from paying taxes during the five-year period in question.


is expected to serve his time in a prison hospital, due to complications from

a 2004 stroke he suffered in London and his battle with kidney cancer.Ron

Isley, along with the Isley Brothers launched their careers in the mid-50's and

have been releasing albums almost every year since.As

Mr. Biggs, Isley collaborated with various rappers, including Snoop Dogg, Lil'


May 2006, The Isley Brothers released their latest album, Baby Makin' Music.