Roots Talk New Album, Projects With Danger Mouse, John Legend

The Roots are set to drop their 11th album, How I Got Over, but group member Black Thought and Questlove said they also…

The Roots are set to drop their 11th album, How I Got Over, but group member Black Thought and Questlove said they also have a number of projecting comes as well.

"He [Black Thought] has a project that I'm in called the Money Making Jam Boys. The support team of this album is the Money Making Jam Boys with Sugar Tongue Slim, Truck North, Dice Raw, [Porn and Black Thought]," Questlove told

"Ill Street Blues," a remake of the Kool G Rap classic, can be found on the Sugar Tongue Slim debut mixtape and it features the Money Making Jam Boys.

As The Roots prepare to drop their new album, Black Thought and Questlove said the group is preparing a slew of new projects, including one with John Legend.

"We're still involved in the John Legend record. That just basically became a John Legend and Roots Album. Initially all the albums were supposed to come out at the same time. But he's pushing his back [John Legend] because his album is tied to a movie called, "Waiting for Superman." This is a movie about how the education system has failed America.," Questlove said.

Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim, who also directed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," hems the "Waiting for Superman" film, which follows several intelligent kids through the education system to see the detrimental affects on them. His findings are startling and questions the system that seemingly stunts academic growth.

Questlove said the soundtrack with John Legend will present aggressive music from the singer and the Philadelphia-bred band.

"We created basically a soundtrack that is basically John's most grittiest, roughest album," he said.

Questlove also revealed that the group would be working with the legendary Booker T of the famed R&B band Booker T. & The MG's.

"Come October, we also had the pleasure of creating an album with Booker T. The same with him (as with John Legend, we pretty much make an album. We had Gabe of the Dap Pinks engineer it. This will probably be the 'Rafeal Sadiq' record of this year. It sounds like it was made in sounds like super raw and gritty..."

Black Thought also said that he was working on a project with acclaimed producer Danger Mouse called Dangerous Thoughts. Finally, Black Thought revealed that he was still looking to release a highly delayed, but anticipated solo project.

"Its still in the works, but at the moment I'm just trying to find a home for it," Black Thought said of his solo album.

How I Got Over comes out on June 22.