Roscoe P. Coldchain Hopes For Best Despite Past

With the release of his debut set, The Hazardous Life, Roscoe P. Coldchain, promises to uphold the rich Philly hip-hop tradition stemming from the likes of Cool C, Steady B, Schoolly D and others from the Golden Era of rap.

“I was just listening to what they was doing, they was talking that glamorous life stuff so I wanted to do it, I wanted to live like a rapper ‘cause they was living that life,” he stated to, admitting the material gains drew him the most. “It was more so that life than their influence in rap.”

“They was talking the glamorous life before anybody knew what the hell they was talking about.”

As a rapper under The Neptunes banner, Coldchain said that he shares a criminal past that resembles some of his Philadelphia counterparts. After killing an off duty police officer in a botched bank heist, Cool C was sentenced to death and remains on the row and Steady B is serving a life sentence after telling all to prosecutors.

While he refused to disclose details, he said he currently has a number of open criminal cases that may jeopardize his promising future.

Coldchain said that while he has legal troubles, he hopes to resolve them for the sake of his 4 children and baby on the way.

These niggas aint sh*t. they’re letting their baby’s die. These baby’s don’t have any guidance why? Because they parents don’t have any guidance,” he declared. “I think that’s why I keep getting these blessings ‘cause I’m living off borrowed time right now.”

The Neptunes’ StarTrak venture with Arista recently dropped “Delinquent,” Coldchain’s first single. He has already been featured on the Clipse’ platinum-selling Lord Willin’.