Roxanne Shante Opening 'Hip-Hop Ices' Ice Cream Parlor

Hip-Hop veteran Roxanne Shante

is all about the ice, but not the diamonds that are draping a lot of emcees necks;

she's all about the ice cream and has opened “Hip-Hop Ices,” a new

ice cream parlor in Jamaica, Queens.

Hip Hop Ices located at 153-33 Hillside Avenue, will serve as the flagship

location for the business, which will open shop in Atlanta as well as on the West


"A lot of artists are talking about keeping it real and what they are

going to do in the community, well I am doing it with Hip-Hop Ices," Shante

told " I have made sure that Hip-Hop Ices not only serves

as a place where kids come to relax, but also receive knowledge from various

the workshops we hold."

Shante, who runs a psychology practice in New York, explained that she shows

kids the value of hard work.

“I only employ high school students,” Shante said. “I want

to make sure that this is not only a job, but that they learn how to enterprise.

The students that work for me play a role in scheduling, budgeting and ordering."

Hip-Hop Ices is also lined up with support from corporate sponsors that help

with giveaways and contests.

“We are located near the largest high schools in each city, so students

who are in high school can receive Ice Cream sneakers, clothes and stuff through

a raffle they get for getting good grades,” Shante revealed.

And because Hip-Hop is so popular, the parlors also hold workshops and seminars

that help hopefuls avoid the pitfalls of the music industry.

Shante, who started in the music business at the age of 14 as a member of Marley

Marl’s legendary Juice Crew, quit the music business due to industry politics.

“They learn about royalties and contracts; because who better to teach

them about royalties and recouping than me.," Shante said. " I could

have started a clothing line or a jewelry line, but I chose to do this because

it's not about making money to me, it's about making a difference."