Roy Jones, Jr: Hip-Hop, Fat Joe & Returning To Boxing

Rumors rapidly circulated about a beef between Fat Joe and boxer Roy Jones Jr. over a lyric the rapper said in Ja Rule’s hit “New York.” But the rumors aren’t accurate, Jones says. In the song, Joe refers to Jones’ knock out losses to Antonio Tarver and Glencoffe Johnson by saying “even Roy Jones was forced to lean back.”

At a party for Ja Rule at Club Exit in New York, the pair spoke, but no beef arose – only a sense of frustration, Jones said.

The former champion told, “I don’t think …it’s just that me and Joe were cooler than that so that’s why I asked him, ‘You changed on me now?’” I used to support everything that Joe did and he supported everything I do. People try to make it bigger than what it is.”

With absolutely no beef with Joe, Jones said primary focus was with his present album, Body Head Bangerz.

Magic, rapper with Jones’ BodyHead imprint, agreed. “BodyHead Bangerz is our way of saying, ‘This is what we have to offer to the world.’ We took and put our artists with the best of the best. People are not going to accept new artists when they first come out. We are the truth. In the process of making this CD, we were amazed at what a great of a CD we have made and every song is a banger.”

Still, Jones, 35, remains one of the best fighters boxing has ever seen, if not the best pound for pound. And for those that thought Jones was going to retire, the normally light heavywieght said that he would indeed return in championship fashion - when he's ready.

“Everybody in the world know Roy Jones ain’t gonna go out like [that]. I don’t know when it’s gonna be, but when the hunger come back I don’t care if I am 45 - I will be back,” he said. “And the hunger will be back cause I am a fighter for life.”

Roy Jones Jr. Presents: Body Head Bangerz is available and the first single from the album is "I Smoke, I Drank" features the Atlanta group Young Bloodz,