Ruff Ryders Launches Ruff Pop, Aims For Mainstream

Ruff Ryders Records is expanding their musical

horizons and hopes to have the same impact they have on Hip-Hop in the world

of pop with a new label, Ruff Pop.

Female singer LT is the first pop act signed

to the Ruff Pop imprint, which is part of the empire founded by the Samsi-Dean

family 15 years ago.

"LT is one of the rawest breeds of pop and

is one of the most unique artists that I have heard in a long time," Ruff

Ryder co-CEO Waah Dean told in a statement. "She writes,

sings very well and her stage performance is incredible. The Ruff Ryders and

LT partnership is going to be a long lasting musical marriage. We anticipate

big things from her in the future."

LT said that she was excited to be signed to

a label with such a strong reputation for bringing forth talent. Eve, Jadakiss

nd DMX are some of the Hip-Hop stars that are signed to the "Double R."

"Being the first signed pop artist to Ruff

Ryders, I look forward to bringing those same qualities to the label and the

listeners, in my own unique style," LT said.

Ruff Ryders have been quietly expanding their

business. In addition to the Ruff Ryders label and the new Ruff Pop division,

the company is involved in film and video production and an apparel line.

No release date was given for LT's debut Ruff Pop debut album.